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3D Diagnosis and Design of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: CAD/CAM

Thanks to the most current diagnostic software available, we are now able to accurately locate and assess conditions within the maxillofacial region with great detail in order to get a diagnostic preview of the oral and maxillofacial surgery necessary for our patients. Through this imaging technique, we are thus able to pinpoint the precise location of the surgery needed, and also reduce the time needed to perform the procedure.

  • CAD: Computer Aided Design

  • CAM: Computer Aided Manufacturing

Using software that facilitates a detailed and guided diagnosis, we can ensure successful and precise placement of implants, tailored to each individual. We can identify the availablity of bone in the treatment area, and we can realize a virtual implantation according to the anatomical situation and the prosthetic needs of the patient for effective treatment.






Sialoliths (calcium stones) in the Submaxillary Salivary Glands

sialolito-en-glandula-submaxilar-maxilofacial-df-1       sialolito-en-glandula-submaxilar-maxilofacial-df-2      sialolito-en-glandula-submaxilar-maxilofacial-df-3        sialolito-en-glandula-submaxilar-maxilofacial-df-4