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Oral cancer detection

Early detection of oral cancer at an early stage of the disease, is very important, as this can make a difference as to the best prognosis and most successful treatment. It is therefore very important to see a specialist in order to rule out any possible oral cancer, or to begin early treatment, no later than 15 days after white lesions (leukoplakia) or red lesion (eritoplasia) appear in the oral cavity (mouth).

Patient with leukoplakia (precancerous)


Oral cancer screening: chronic irritation caused by supra-eruption (tooth expulsion) from not having a 3rd lower molar or wisdom tooth. The patient develops a leukoplakia (precancerous white lesion) after repeatedly biting the gums.

A periodic review (every 6 months) is recommended for patients who smoke and/or consume alcohol, since these are among the most common risk factors for developing oral cancer.

Oral cancer screening cases



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