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Problems of the Lower Jaw (Mandible)

Mandibular Dislocation or Subluxation

When there are problems with the lower jaw or mandible, patients commonly present with the following symptoms:

  •   My jaw clicks
  •   Sometimes my jaw locks on me
  •   My jaw goes to the side when I open my mouth
  •   I feel tired after eating
  •   My ear hurts and my otolaryngologist told me “it’s nothing, you’re fine”
  • I have a headache
  • My neck hurts

...These symptoms are very common and there is adequate treatment, whether surgical or non-surgical, to correct these problems.

The most common causes of mandibular dislocation:

One of the most common reasons for a given mandibular dislocation is through a deterioration (bone loss) of the bony prominence in the jaw joint:

Mandibular dislocation (before and after cases)


TOTAL Mandibular dislocation


Mandibular Dislocation in elderly patient



How is “a click” heard in the jaw?


Bilateral joint prosthesis


Unilateral joint prosthesis